Have you considered making a legacy to Bath Preservation Trust in your Will?

When Bernard Cayzer left No.1 Royal Crescent to the Trust, he gave us a marvellous asset which allowed us to develop a renowned museum. But he also gave us financial independence.

Legacy gifts to the Trust do not need to be as magnificent as No.1 to continue this valuable role. The Trust will be very grateful for any contribution that you are able to make through a legacy.

Bath’s ‘World Heritage’ status means that our campaigning work continues to be an essential part of Bath’s development, and our education and interpretation work ensures that the widest possible audience understands our purpose ‘to encourage and support the conservation, evolution and enhancement of Bath and its environs within a framework appropriate both to its historic setting and its sustainable future, and to provide educational resources that focus on the architectural and historic importance of the city’.

The Trust’s influence and independent voice is needed as much in the C21st as it was in the C20th. But our ability to fulfil this role is directly in proportion to our resources. Together with the support of our members, we need to add to this resource to continue to act for the benefit of the people of Bath.

If your estate is liable to Inheritance Tax, you could reduce the amount due by choosing to give the money to charity. If you leave a gift to a charity in your will, its value will not be included when valuing your estate (your money, possessions and property) for Inheritance Tax purposes. Gifts make to a charity in the seven years before your death are exempt from Inheritance Tax.

If after reading this you decide to leave a legacy to us in your Will, please contact Caroline Kay, in confidence, on 01225 338727 or in writing at the Trust offices at No.1 Royal Crescent, Bath, BA1 2LR.